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  • Iron Maiden fonts

    22 (Acacia Avenue) quality Iron Maiden related fonts both in .ttf and .otf from collection of Iron Maiden Bulgaria

  • Retromierdas #66: Ed Hunter

    Nice spanish video review for Ed Hunter game, released officially back in July 1999 (prevously knows as Melt).

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  • The Red and The Black

    Some classic art for ZX Spectrum home computer by Denis Popirin from Vsevolozhsk (Russia). Here is black&white Eddie and color version of «Killers» album cover. Both of them was used in 1994 release «Mind» by Cross-Road Home Studio for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K together with other Denis artworks based on Manowar, Metallica and original painting.

  • Stuck Somewhere in Time

    Outstanding and absolutely fantastic release for Commodore Amiga 500 by Up Rough, Insane and Titan — executable music disk «Stuck Somewhere in Time» At the moment of release, back in Jan’2015 this product was also available as JS-version on but unfortunately authors discontinue domain name. Just point your browser here for copy of it: Anyway,…

  • Transylvania on Atari

    Back in 1988 team The Lost Boys released sampled music demo for Atari ST — one of the most powerful home machines at that times. Listen to pure 8bit samples of Transylvania from first Iron Maiden album. Good example of burning (retro) ambitions — whole track sampled, remixed and packed into just 512kb of memory. Iron links: YouTube | Pouet | Atarimania

  • ZX Factor

    Two pieces of digital art from ZX Spectrum based on 1995’s «The X Factor» album art. Both of them from russian pixel artists. First one done by Demiurge Ash back in 1999 for demo at CC’999 but was not used due to lack of time. Later after some retouch this picture was submitted six month later to…

  • Ironing Maiden

    Another one great Nintendo Wii game release from Nuance and Genesis*Project, came 1st in the Game Development Competition at tUM 2011. Intro Music performed by the University of Chicago Orchestra. Download full game at Demozoo and up your irons!