Stuck Somewhere in Time

Outstanding and absolutely fantastic release for Commodore Amiga 500 by Up Rough, Insane and Titan — executable music disk «Stuck Somewhere in Time»

At the moment of release, back in Jan’2015 this product was also available as JS-version on but unfortunately authors discontinue domain name. Just point your browser here for copy of it:

Anyway, you can still download it and launch on you Amiga or Sega Genesis emulator, or choose YouTube and point your browser at 6:00 for an hour and a half of 16bit Iron Maiden covers!

Full tracklist:

  • 2 Minutes to Midnight by Wasp (Sweden)
  • Aces High by (451) (Sweden)
  • Afraid to Shoot Stranger by Esau (Sweden)
  • Blood Brothers by Mygg (Sweden)
  • Déjà vu by Corpsicle (Sweden)
  • Faces in the Sand by Jerry (Norway)
  • Fear of the Chip by Triace (Germany)
  • Genghis Khan by Corpsicle (Sweden)
  • Hallowed be thy Name by Esau (Sweden)
  • Holy Smoke by Psilodump (Sweden)
  • Iron Maiden by Tecon (Norway)
  • The Number of the Beast by Jerry (Norway)
  • Prowler by Blade (Sweden)
  • Rain Maker by Dascon (Germany)
  • Run to the Hills by Goto80 (Sweden)
  • Run to the Hills By Ne7 (UK)
  • Still Life by Corpsicle (Sweden)
  • That Girl by Alk
  • The Clairvoyant by Dubmood (France)
  • The Trooper by Ne7 (UK)
  • Wasted years by Blade (Sweden)
  • Wasted years by Slash (Sweden)

Iron links: YouTube